Joy Pullmann

Democrats aim to nationalize not only the economy, but also families. Presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris have both publicly endorsed socialized child care. Warren’s plan is supposedly funded by (what else) wealth confiscation — but only from “the rich,” so don’t worry, everybody. It’s okay to use government force to take money from people who have …

Joy Pullmann: Children Don’t Need ‘Day Care For All,’ They Need Their Mothers Read More »

In November I reported on a Florida transgender school policy that resulted in demanding that a male athletic coach supervise an 14-year-old girl undressing in the boys’ locker room, without informing the boys’ parents. The policy was written by a school district employee who refers students to outside organizations that may, without their parents’ knowledge, provide HIV-resistant …

Joy Pullmann: Fla. School Board Keeps Policy Pushing Male Coach To Supervise Undressing Girl Read More »

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