Another week, another school shooting – this time, at a Colorado STEM school, where an 18-year-old alleged shooter, who had an alleged juvenile accomplice, killed one student. Does anyone think it a coincidence that the more Democrats have infiltrated and infested our culture and our industries, the more our youth commit cold-blooded murder?

America is now witnessing what unchecked and unfettered Democratic influence and indoctrination beget. Death, violence, injury and destruction are all inherent in the political terrorism of “it takes a village,” “democratic socialism” and “fundamental transformation.”

Why do kids kill kids?

The poisoning of our youth’s hearts, souls and minds by Democrats is at DEFCON 1 urgency.

There are two problems/challenges that comprise the main battle in the existential war to preserve our republic:

  1. For some of our youth, the damage has already been done, and we must be as vigilant as possible in protecting our children from murderous teenagers and juveniles;
  2. Reversing and/or preventing the social engineering and exploitation of youth who are undamaged.

As much as it pains me to say this, for some youth, they’re damaged irreparably; the only question is, how many are in our communities and schools? A body count isn’t the only result of terrorism; so is living in fear. The only nonviolent pathway forward for America is the re-education of our youth, which starts at home.

Handguns have existed for centuries. AR-15s have existed for approximately 22,000 days; the NRA was founded 54,000 days ago. “All Quiet on the Western Front” was released 32,000 days ago, and Hollyweird has produced thousands of violent films.

So what are the causes of kids killing kids at the highest frequency in American history? Democrats and the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) never engage in honest attempts to answer this question because they know they are the primary culprit of this political ill.

In my upcoming first book, “10 Warning Signs Your Child is Becoming a Democrat,” I avoid policy and hone in on parenting; I believe if my playbook is followed, we can ensure that future generations of our youth don’t grow up to be Democrats. Substantive health-care fixes, cures for cancer and AIDS, and the first man and woman on Mars will be as useless as a Willard Romney endorsement if we don’t win the youth battle within the four walls of our homes.

Democratic abortionists go Mengele

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the party’s abhorrently increasing zeal for abortions during any stage of pregnancy. The residual effects of Democratic polices, in addition to producing killer kids, is the killing of our unborn. All of it is by design; nothing in politics is coincidental.

To defeat an opponent, one must keenly understand its tactics, methodology, psychology and motives. Pro-abortion propaganda is genius, because its basis is, “keep the government out of my life” – the core, fundamental tenet of guaranteed constitutional liberties. It’s also genius because it sells the belief that restrictive abortion laws won’t stop women from aborting children – funny, but gun owners always say the same about gun control. Josef Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, as well as Vladimir Kozhevnikov, the founder of Pravda, would blush at the effectiveness of Democratic and DMIC pro-abortion propaganda.

It’s not enough for Democratic abortionists to peddle the infanticidal mania of zero-restriction abortions. A couple weeks ago, Democrat John Rogers, an Alabama state legislator, said: “Kill them now or you kill them later.” The “them” are unwanted children, who are either killed in the womb, or die on the streets or prison. There was a truth to what Rogers stated, and I doubt he realized his own irony: He not only confirmed that “it takes a village” – a Third World family structure in which the State are the parents and providers – is guaranteed to fail, but also admitted that abortion is murder.

Rogers didn’t stop there, however; he channeled his inner Josef Mengele, the Nazi concentration camp physician, by suggesting that the final solution to preventing abortions was forced sterilization of men.

The United Almost Socialist States

America is the one country that has come closest to voluntarily implementing socialism and communism, thanks in large part to the burgeoning love affair between our youth and these -isms; in no way are we in the clear. The war will be long and arduous; 2016 wasn’t the end, but the beginning. The youth are the palette by which the Democrats create their art; our young dying is just the cost of doing business to Democrats, who seek not to represent or govern us, but to rule over us, as a monarchy does over its serfs.

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future,” said Hitler. “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world,” Lenin said (there’s that “transformation” again, the raison d’être of all tyrants, despots and Democrats). It’s not just that Democrats want our guns, due process, religious liberties and other God-given rights; they want the innocence of our children. The most useful political pawns of the Democratic Party are children, precisely because they’re defenseless. I don’t fault parents – most of whom are good and decent law-abiding Americans – for their ignorance; they don’t think about their kids as prey for Leninist Democrats. In the past, Democrats entangled children in their web surreptitiously and covertly – in middle-of-the-night doses. Now? Nurse Ratched Nancy Pelosi no longer hides her pursuit of our children; recently, she said, “Capture kids when they’re in high school,” referring to her support of lowering the voting age to 16.

We’re no longer up against simple tax-and-spend Democrats; we’re up against Democrats whose ideology – an amalgam of the worst mass-murdering and mass-suffering ideologies in world history – has made killers of our kids. The true victims of “it takes a village” – which creates crime, poverty and squalor – are our youth; that fact should keep all of us up at night. And with all respects, if you’re not kept up at night over something – anything – Democrats do day in and day out, then you’re not paying close enough attention.


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