Why does the Islamic Republic of Iran want to provoke us into potentially another futile war? Because another war all but guarantees our defeat next year.

The Neẓām Iranian government knows that many of President Trump’s most ardent supporters will wave the white flag and stay home on Election Day 2020 if we resurrect President Carter’s foreign policy. Our re-election Achilles heel isn’t the economy, the wall, enforcement of immigration laws or constitutional originalist federal judges and U.S. Supreme Court Justices. No; another Middle Eastern war is the weak link in the chain of strength.

Can I prove any of this? Perhaps it’s not the strongest case. In a court of law, I’d have some specific evidence, such as last week’s shooting down of a U.S. drone by the Iranian military; and lots of circumstantial evidence, such as Iran’s recent refutation of its commitment to comply with international nuclear weapon restrictions.

Trump is going to be remembered as a president who kept (or, at the very least, intended to keep) many of his promises. His pledge to avoid long drawn-out military conflict in the Middle East was one of several factors that contributed to our 2016 glass-ceiling shattering victory. There’s zero margin of error, and we must find a way to avoid a 13-figure military conflict that results in tens of thousands of dead American soldiers.

Will we avoid war? I pray so. We’re dealing with a Sharia theocracy that continues to have its hands, directly or indirectly, in all Islamic supremacist terrorism worldwide – terrorism that creates more fear and body counts than any and all other forms of domestic and international terrorism combined, despite the lies, myths and conspiracy theories propagated by Democrats and the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) that white supremacists are America’s gravest threat.

I strongly suspect Iran doesn’t want war, but it does want a Democrat president come Jan. 20, 2021. Listen closely to the Democrat and DMIC narratives over the next few months. They will range from “Trump is provoking another war in the Middle East” to, I predict, some Democrats banging the war drum. Why? Because they know a war is our 2020 kryptonite.

Trump must have his antenna tuned to Democrat Greeks, as well as Tessio Republicans bearing gifts. Inspired by Sal Tessio from “The Godfather” who intentionally betrays the Corleone family, a Tessio Republican is one who intentionally betrays America First voters – working families, small business owners and fed-up Republicans and conservatives. Tessios are arguably even worse than Democrats. This past week’s Tessio Republican was U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who compared Trump to Obama because of Trump’s decision not to reciprocate after the drone incident. What is it with Cheneys and wars?

Democrats’ Faustian bargain with Iran
Maybe I shouldn’t politicize the prospects of war. Like most Americans, however, I’m tired of the fallacious notion that we can inspire democracy and free-market capitalism in despot-controlled countries that have been warring with each other for centuries. Nation building in the Middle East doesn’t work. Period. Think about it: another war that our war-fatigued population will have to endure, and it’s another failure? Get used to saying, “President Biden and Vice President Warren.”

This is the Hobson’s choice of declaring war. If Iran commits a worse act than the shooting down of our drone, either against us or Israel, Trump will probably have no choice but to ask for congressional approval for an authorized military strike. I have zero confidence that Democrats will have the backs of Trump and our intrepid servicemen and women. I fear Democrats, in a Faustian-esque bargain, will seek every opportunity to undermine Trump’s efforts; tepidly supporting Trump is supporting Iran.

Forgive my cynicism, but if the result of war with Iran is a Trump loss next year, then the cost – no matter how steep, financially or otherwise – was worth bearing for the Democrats. Yes, folks, the anti-Trump cult is that enchanting to Democrats. The enemy (Iran) of their enemy (Trump) is their best political ally – better than Hollyweird, Big Tech or any other industry.

If my no-confidence vote of the Democrats is unfair, too bad; they’ve earned their reputations. When Trump withdrew the U.S. last year from the Iran deal, former Secretary of State John Kerry, who helped President Obama “negotiate” the deal, met several times (as a private citizen, not as the U.S.’s top diplomat) with his former counterpart from Iran, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Even if Kerry and Zarif discussed golf, grandkids, yoga and falafel recipes, what Kerry – a career politician – did was unequivocally inappropriate, and he knows it. In a court of law, Kerry wouldn’t be convicted of treason or sedition, but in the court of America First public opinion, he’s guilty as hell. Let’s also remember that Kerry admitted in 2016 that some of the $150 billion in sanctions funds Iran received as a result of the agreement he helped architect would make its way into the coffers of Islamic supremacist terrorists.

Iran has tested us. The good news is, we resisted temptation. The bad news is, if Iran wants to further goad us, the next hit will be bigger. Iran’s modus operandi is similar to the Democrats’: small doses, small doses, and then boom! We don’t know for absolute certain if Iran was responsible for the hit on the Japanese oil tanker a few weeks ago, and that uncertainty gives the Iranians leverage. Confusion benefits the enemy more than us.

When you’re dealing with rogue, hostile terrorist nations, there’s a wealth of only bad options. Choosing the best of the worst leaves little chance of success – however success here is defined. If, in the event our military is deployed, I implore all Trump supporters and right-leaning independents not to abdicate their civic duty of voting. Worse than another war would be another war plus a loss to the Democrats.

Just like Obama and Kerry, the Democrat commander-in-chief would kiss the ring of the nation that drew us into a bloody mess.

It doesn’t get any more un-American than that.

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