Is Pete Buttigieg the dumbest smart person ever?

At CNN’s climate change freak show telethon, Buttigieg — the South Bend, Ind. mayor, 2020 Democratic Party presidential hopeful, and Harvard- and Oxford-educated Rhodes scholar — said in front of the entire world that defeating climate change will perhaps be more difficult than defeating the Nazis in World War 2.

This is the kind of candidate Democrats vote for, and with whom Republicans want you and me to compromise.  If the election were held tomorrow, Buttigieg would receive tens of millions of votes.

I want Buttigieg to look in the eyes of a D-Day veteran — who spent hours in a boat full of feces, urine, and vomit, and who fought nearly a week at the beaches of Normandy, France, wondering if he’d live another second — and say that.  Over 16 million Americans served our Armed Forces in World War 2; approximately half a million are still alive.  Would Buttigieg muster up the intrepidity to utter his utterly inane statement to our surviving servicemen and women, or their families?

Would he say it with a straight face to the veterans of the other 18 Allied nations, or to their loved ones?

On my podcast, I often posit that there are only two types of Democrats: those who believe the balderdash that comes out of their mouths and those who don’t.  The only Democrats more dangerous than the ones who don’t believe the bull they peddle (the politicians) are the ones who do (Democrat voters).

Had I been given the opportunity to pose one question to Buttigieg, it would have been this: “do you actually believe what comes out of your mouth?”  I’ve asked numerous members of my audience, my production team, and like-minded friends and associates if they believe Buttigieg is sincere.  Almost everyone believes that Buttigieg’s remark was the lowest form of pandering, and I concur.

As a bonus, Buttigieg served in the United States Navy, from 2009 to 2017, in the Middle East, where Islamic supremacists, influencers of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, have been warring and murdering for thousands of years.

Buttigieg the Tragic Figure

Most of the Democrats running for president unequivocally strike me as amalgams of loathsomeness, hypocrisy, and ideological shape-shifting.  Take, for example, the shrew, Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).  Imagine lying for decades about your “heritage” to get ahead and then, when caught, actually whitewashing your own life story and personal history.  Warren recently removed from her campaign website the DNA test results that she claimed “proved” her American Indian ancestry.  Warren, a onetime conservative, “evolved” into a Democrat because it was good for Liz Warren, Inc.; her “transformation” has made her yet another affluent, white Democrat multimillionaire, who doesn’t believe any of the nonsense that comes out of her mouth.

How about former Vice President Joe Biden (D-Del.), who is now claiming that he opposed the Iraq War in 2002, even though he was one of the 29 Democrat senators (out of 50) who voted to authorize military force?  Biden’s revisionist history is so farcical that even his former boss’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, took him to task for distorting his own legislative record.

Democrats such as Biden and Warren simultaneously stand for everything and stand for nothing.  They’re the most dangerous type of politicians.

In Buttigieg’s case, however, there is a tragic sadness — a hybrid of the English playwright Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus protagonist, who sells his soul to the Devil to gain the powers of a deity, and Terry Malloy, Marlon Brando’s “I coulda been a contender” character from On the Waterfront.

To be clear, I hold no sympathies for Buttigieg’s wilting campaign; like most Democrats, his goals are to take my children, my money, and my freedoms.  Just ask the South Bend residents who didn’t vote for Buttigieg if they’re satisfied with his tenure as their mayor, a position he’s held since 2012.  South Bend’s rates of violent crime and property crime — oftentimes the gateway drug to violent crime — are well above Indiana’s and the national rates and have been for decades.  In addition, residents and police have the usual antagonistic relationship found in Democrat-controlled cities.  South Bend has had only Democrat mayors for the last 17,000 consecutive days; Buttigieg is just the latest in a long line of Democrats who have failed at governing. 

It’s because he’s young that I have such a visceral, adverse reaction to him.  As I make clear in my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat, Buttigieg, 37, is the anthropomorphic embodiment of everything that’s gone terribly wrong with our youths.  The guy could have been a most formidable voice for the features and benefits of American constitutional nationalism.  Rather, to quote Malloy, he’s just a bum — wasted talent and intellect.  Buttigieg is anti-science (he believes that life begins at first breath); he’s anti-merit (sorry, Pete, but being gay is neither a skill nor an accomplishment); and he’s anti-reality — he regurgitates the usual debunked Democrat and DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) conspiracy theories, lies, and myths about firearms, white supremacists in every neighborhood, and American history.  At the CNN climate change town hall, Buttigieg made a complete fool of himself; seems that Harvard and Oxford aren’t sending us their best.

For all the narratives about the DMIC Chia Pet Robert “Beto” O’Rourke being the next Barack Obama, it’s actually Buttigieg who most resembles Obama — the overachieving, articulate young man.  Instead of being the antithesis of Obama, Buttigieg has ingratiated himself with the “fundamental transformation” cult.

To paraphrase Marlowe, Buttigieg could have been the face that helped persuade our young and minorities to better comprehend that Democrats are the U.S.’s original hate group, who care only about conquering the rest of us, and who want us living in fear of government — one of the precursors to tyranny.

It’s not the responsibility of America First nationalists to change the minds of Democrats — the exception being young voters.  It’s our responsibility to conquer them at the polls, in our schools, and in our culture.  Want evidence of why this is more urgently necessary than ever?  Look no farther than Buttigieg.


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