South Bend, Ind. and its mayor and 2020 Democrat presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, are another example of failed Democrat governing. 

In last week’s “debate” (how was it a debate when all the candidates peddled almost identical anti-American and anti–common-sense policies?), Buttigieg asserted that his city, and America as a whole, has problems with its police forces because of systemic racism and bigoted beliefs held by law enforcement officers.

What does South Bend have in common with other municipalities with notoriously poor relations between residents and police officers, such as Baltimore and Los Angeles?  If you guessed “the city has been run by Democrats for forever,” you’re correct.

Well, not quite correct on the “forever” part.  The primary culprit is the chronic crime rampant throughout cities that Democrats have controlled for tens of thousands of consecutive days, including South Bend, where eight of the nine council seats are held by Democrats and where the last time someone not a Democrat was mayor was over 17,000 days ago.  Richard Nixon was our president.

South Bend’s rates of violent crime and property crime — oftentimes the gateway drug to violent crime — are well above Indiana’s and the national rates and have been for decades.

With so much crime, and so many career criminals, not just in South Bend, but in other longtime Democrat locales, how can reasonable Americans think the relationships with police officers and the residents they serve would be a happy and harmonious one?

Buttigieg has been mayor since 2012.  From the moment he assumed his position, he had problems with his police force.  Soon after being sworn in, Buttigieg demoted the city’s first black police chief because the chief allegedly ordered South Bend residents to secretly record alleged racist comments from white officers.  Last month, Sgt. Ryan O’Neill, who’s white, shot and killed a black man, Eric Logan.  An investigation is ongoing; O’Neill’s body camera was not turned on.  Logan allegedly lunged at O’Neill with a knife.

Buttigieg has already tacitly indicted and convicted O’Neill; I guess Buttigieg didn’t learn about our Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment–guaranteed rights of due process and equal protection in his Rhodes scholar education.

I’m not saying police should automatically be believed, and, unfortunately, there are bad cops.  Perhaps O’Neill is a bad cop.  In the case of Buttigieg, however, he’s running the same play every Democrat politician does when a cop shoots a civilian — especially if the officer is white and the civilian is black.  At last week’s “debate,” Buttigieg talked about a “wall of mistrust” between police and their communities, all across America, “put up one racist act at a time.”  In the Democrat Truman Show world, wannabe white supremacist cops are prowling the streets at night, preying upon defenseless black men.  This is the most common law enforcement lie propagated by Democrats and the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex).

The Cover-Up of Democrat Failures

To give you a comparison, South Bend has a few thousand more residents and is ten square miles larger than the Florida city I live in.  I’m in a “red state,” just like Indiana, and my state is more “diverse” than Indiana.  Why doesn’t my city have all these problems with race and the police?  Is there a different version of Homo sapiens in my city?  In my city, potential criminals don’t have to worry about snow, ice, and cold at any time during the year, yet we don’t experience what South Bendians do.

South Bend’s ills aren’t unique among Democrat cities.  An online search will yield you myriad cases of community policing strife in municipal Democrat empires.  Here’s but a small sampling.  All days are consecutive:

St. Louis: only Democrat mayors; super-majority Democrat aldermen, 15,000.

Baltimore: only Democrat mayors, and only Democrat councilmen, 18,000.

Philadelphia: only Democrat mayors; super-majority Democrat councilmen, 20,000.

Detroit: only Democrat mayors; super-majority Democrat councilmen, 22,000.

Chicago: only Democrat mayors; super-majority Democrat councilmen, 30,000.  Democrats have ruled Chicago for longer than Stalin ruled the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Castros in Cuba, and the Kims in North Korea, and for longer than slavery was legal in the U.S.

Democrats have gotten away with too much for too long in these cities, including Mayor Pete’s South Bend, and the police should not be their piñatas.  Innocents die.  Children become permanently entangled in inter-generational familial poverty, squalor, drugs, guns, failing schools, lack of economic opportunity and mobility, gangs, and single- or no-parent homes.  Can you imagine if there were no cops in some of these cities?  Does Buttigieg think law enforcement officers really want to widow their husbands and wives, and leave their children fatherless and motherless, to take a bullet for a criminal who’s known on a first-name basis by the police force?  Some will say that’s the job they signed up for; that’s true.  Police officers’ job description is to risk their lives to protect, but they also have a right not to die.  If we had an honest and even remotely inquisitively DMIC in this country, there would be cameras set up outside every City Hall in every city run by Democrats for generations and generations, uninterrupted.  But alas, Russia, Russia, Russia!

The abject, utter failures of Democrat governance in our cities is the most egregious and dangerous cover-up in American history.  Perhaps that sounds hyperbolic, but name a worse cover-up.

Even if O’Neill turns out to be the most racist cop in history, police officers are mostly a brave and heroic group of public servants who are too often disparaged and impugned by the same Democrats who aid and abet the criminals in their cities.

As a postscript, there is so much wasted talent and intellect with Buttigieg, who markets his sexual orientation as his most worthy skill and accomplishment.  He could be a true force of positive good for the rule of law and American nationalism.  Rather, he peddles the same debunked Democrat and DMIC myths and conspiracy theories.  Buttigieg would perfectly ensconce himself in Baltimore, Chicago, Kamala Harris’s Oakland (dominated by only Democrat mayors/supermajority Democrat city councils for 15,000 consecutive days) or Cory Booker’s Newark (only Democrat mayors/super-majority Democrat city councils for 24,000 consecutive days).  Mayor Pete can’t effectively manage the responsibilities of his small big city.  How would he manage the 24/7 demands of the U.S. presidency?  Spoiler alert: He wouldn’t.

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