As Robert O’Rourke, whom I refer to as The Beto, tests the 2020 presidential waters, an obvious question has been glaringly absent in the Democrat Media Industrial Complex’s (DMIC) fawning coverage of The Beto:

If the majority of Texans didn’t want his policies, as evidenced by his loss to Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2018 Senate election, why does he think the majority of Americans in the majority of states would?

After he announced his candidacy against Cruz, The Beto channeled his inner The Ramones, eliciting a gaggle of groupie journalists; recall when ABC News reporter Paula Faris oglingly called The Beto a “rock star” – not once, but twice! Faris, of course, didn’t call the the incumbent senator whom The Beto was challenging a rock star.

The making of a Democrat ‘icon’

The Beto is a DMIC creation, a political Chia Pet of sorts: water him, nurture, cultivate, and voila, you have a Democrat “icon.” Watch the vintage Chia Pet commercial, and insert The Beto’s name in the narration. Cha-cha-cha-chia! The The The The Beto!

If there had been a DMIC 2018 midterms participation trophy, The Beto, undoubtedly, would have been the recipient.

But who is the man, the myth, the legend?

Here’s the skinny on The Beto: He’s an affluent, privileged white Democrat male with a $9 million net worth, who sells the usual Marxist gobbledygook about “income inequality,” “inequity” and “walls don’t save lives,” even though he had a tall, thick fence protecting him last week during his Beto-palooza rally, where he spoke Spanish – his way of showing he’s not racist toward Hispanics, even though Hispanic isn’t a race.

The Beto married into a family whose estimated worth is half a billion; that means The Beto’s household Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tax bill is $350 million – 7 percent of the funding President Trump needs for The Great Wall of America.

His congressional district, in El Paso, has elected only Democrats for the last 19,000 consecutive, uninterrupted days (so much for diversity). Before that gig, he was a three-term El Paso councilman.

The Beto’s millions came from his in-laws, which is fine. Why, however, are Trump’s kids, per the DMIC and Democrats, the beneficiaries of nepotism, but The Beto isn’t? So much for consistency.

The ‘white Obama’

Remember: Those most susceptible to the Marxism of class warfare, led by gazillionaires, are other affluent whites, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, as well as our youth. The Beto’s agitprop sells and should not be underestimated. Millennials are the largest generation in America’s electorate, and, any day now, will surpass the baby boomer generation as the largest potential voting bloc. At this time, they must be categorized as “potential” because millennial turnout has historically been low, although it’s trending upward.

Add generation Zers into the millennial mix, and the soon-to-be largest voting bloc in U.S. history will be young adults and 30-somethings who have been socially engineered into loving communism, free stuff, hugging terrorists, no human is illegal, judicial activism, open borders, erosion of guaranteed constitutional rights and aborting babies on the day of delivery – only the finer things in life. The chickens of decades of Democratic social engineering of our youth, in public education, colleges and universities, and mass media, are now coming home to roost.

It’s hilarious to listen to Democrats and The Beto prattle on about how “Make America Great Again” is a dog-whistle for wannabe slaveholder whites. Yet, The Beto unoriginally and constantly exhumesthe worst parts of our history, as if any of our worst parts even remotely exist today – worst parts that no one alive today was responsible for. The irony, of course, is that many of our historical atrocities were committed by white Democrats. Democrats think their revisionist history somehow makes them noble, but it doesn’t; reasonable, normal thinking Americans have long moved on from the white Democrat inventions of the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws and slavery. No, never forget that history, and, yes, unfortunately, racism and bigotry will always exist, but it’s Democrats who manipulate and exploit history to concoct modern-day boogeymen that are much more imagined than real. Boogeymen and victims are what buttress Democrat ideology and their losing, conspiracy-theorizing narratives.

Ask yourself: Self, where have we seen this before? A young, “charismatic” peddler of fundamental transformation who comes out of nowhere to be the hero Gotham needs but doesn’t deserve – especially amongst the youth? The Beto has been heralded as the “white Obama,” which the half-black President Obama concurred with, but he’s really just the white The Beto. Obama, who at least hadn’t lost his most recent race before running for president, most definitely would want his wife to carry on the mantle of the leader of Obamaworld, but The Beto may be the next best choice. Eat your heart out, Joe Biden.

The Beto, if he declares for 2020, will be formidable – precisely because he has nothing of substance to say.

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